Deputy leaves and council head faces axe over outsourcing at Cornwall council

Earlier this month I wrote about how a plan to outsource services, including IT, at Cornwall Council was causing serious friction.

The council leader Alec Robertson was proposing an outsourcing deal with either BT or CSC to provide services such as libraries, benefits, payroll and IT services. The plan was to push on with the deal even without a full majority vote in full council.

But councillors were very unhappy about this and there were calls for a confidence vote on the leader and a petition was signed by thousands of citizens. Councillors did not believe that a decision that would change how the council provides services fundamentally could be made in cabinet alone. They insisted it should be full council.

But according to this article l  Robertson has done a U-turn, saying of more councillors vote against the deal it will not go forward.

Tomorrow will see the vote of confidence so Robertson might lose his position.
His deputy, Jim Currie, has already stepped out of the cabinet over the issue. I recommend you read a copy of his resignation letter here.

I will get the result of tomorrow’s confidence vote and blog about it as soon as I can.

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