Deloitte files counter claim against Marin County

Here is Deloitte’s response to being sued by Marin County in relation to an SAP ERP project that allegedly went wrong.

Very interesting because the consultancy is now filling its own claim against Marin County.

“It is unfortunate that the County has chosen this path.  As stated previously, we fulfilled each and every one of our obligations under the contract, as evidenced three years ago when all of our work was approved by the County officials responsible for the project.  To be clear, the SAP software was working properly when we completed our work in November 2007.  Not only is the complaint without merit, but we are filing our own claim against the County for breach of agreement and unpaid invoices.  Although we are confident that we will prevail in court, it remains our belief that this dispute can and should be resolved in a more logical fashion that benefits the County and its taxpayers.”

I don’t think this one will drag on for 10 years like the similar EDS versus BskyB case which finally came to an end this week. What do you think?