Day 3 - Nasscom gets its "swagger back"

This is the third blog from Nasscom by Alex Blues, PA Consulting Group’s head of IT sourcing. See his first and second blogs also.

By Alex Blues

Another NASSCOM event comes to an end. I was concerned that the atmosphere would still be subdued but the opposite was true. If anything it was too upbeat as if the recession was just a bad memory, as one CEO said, “NASSCOM has got its swagger back.”

The key change for me at NASSCOM is this is no longer purely a major Indian Outsourcing conference. It is a global conference that happens to be held in India where 22 trade delegations were promoting their country as an offshoring destination. Eastern Europe like Egypt have made their presence felt, some are always here like Northern Ireland, but there are new and more exotic ones like Colombia and Brazil.

Much of my time today was spent interviewing CXO’s from the major players as PA will be issuing a white paper around March. So my colleague Manish Khandelwal from PA provides the key messages for today:
1.    Winners will be those that focus on the outcome not on the transaction
2.    The supply knowledge chain will expand and will have a profound effect businesses
3.    C2C business will see growth
4.    Ideas will drive the industry, but execution will be the key
5.    Buyers will demand more flexibility and eternal contracts will become extinct
6.    The industry will be driven towards finding practical applications for the masses
7.    Public sector transformation, particularly in the developing world, will provide the opportunity to make a real difference
8.    While industry may see mergers and acquisitions, SMBs will push innovation and continue to prosper
9.    Collaboration across the boundaries will be a key driver

So what are my key takeaways from NASSCOM 2010?
1) The move from thinking about cost to providing customer value
2) The move from input based pricing to outcome based pricing
3) The move from bespoke solutions to platform based solutions
That’s it from me until next year…

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