Cyber-criminals have the financial strength flexibility to beat enterprise IT security

IT security teams within businesses face the prospect of protecting their systems against cyber-criminals that spend more on devising their attacks than they spend on securing them.

Even the biggest businesses in the world, such as banks, have budgets and budgeting processes that are not designed to fight ever more sophisticated cyber-attack.

The GameOver Zeus Trojan is the latest malware to cause shockwaves to businesses and consumers alike.

One senior IT security executive within a large global bank told Computer Weekly that the targets are so juicy that organised crime will keep on trying to hack-in. “I expect they have bigger budgets for security attacks than the defenders have to spend on security protection. The bad guys can spend millions on planning attacks and we have to go through ridiculous budget processes to justify the basic defences. Only going to end one way eventually….”

He said big banks are attacked on an almost daily basis but the attacks are not reported to the public. “I am not sure why GameOver Zeus is being talked about in public. Although it is quite serious it is still quite small.”

He added that it could be an attempt to get consumers to upgrade their systems. “A lot of the public do not keep their security up to date so this could have been publicised to raise consumer awareness.”