Crowdsourced guide to transferring to private sector IT from public sector IT

I have recently been writing quite a lot about the opportunities in the private sector for IT professionals with public sector IT backgrounds.

With the public sector haemorrhaging jobs, workers could either be forced to work for suppliers through outsourcing contracts or will be made redundant and seek opportunities in the private sector whether it is as an in-house IT worker or at a supplier?

For example Socitm believes that most local government IT staff will end up being employed by suppliers.

And according to a survey of 66 IT directors by ReThink Recruitment, 79% believe private sector staff offer better value than IT professionals from the public sector.

I am asking anyone that can help to answer as many of the below questions to give me their views. I am also going to speak to as many experts as possible to create a resource for IT professional to get help when planning a career switch or who find themselves out of work?

This is the first time I have intentionally dipped my toes into crowdsourcing so if you can contribute your views please fill in as many answers as you can?

I have also been running a survey for a few weeks asking IT professionals whether they think public sector IT workers have the right skills to succeed in the private sector. So far I have had 72 respondents. A total of 37 said public sector IT workers are not equipped for the private sector while 35 said they are. If you want to answer the question the survey is here.

So let’s see what those public sector IT workers that aren’t equipped to do a private sector job need to do to make suire they have a fighting chance.