Could KPMG be about to buy Equaterra?

I’ve been informed by a reliable source that sourcing consultancy Equaterra is being acquired by KPMG, one of the big accounting and consulting firms.

Equaterra has developed a good reputation as a specialist advisor on outsourcing issues, and you’ll have seen Lee Ayling, managing director of its UK IT advisory services, mentioned in this blog on several occasions.

It’s interesting to see that a firm like KPMG – which no doubt already offers sourcing advice and consultancy – is looking at a smaller specialist like Equaterra. If the move goes ahead it reflects what is happening in the wider IT sector, with big-name suppliers buying up a lot of small or medium-sized firms.

Is there a future for specialist sourcing advisers such as Equaterra, or is it inevitable that the market will come to be dominated by the big consultancy firms?