Could HP's cull of EDS staff cause stress related illness to remaining staff?

It seems the job cuts at HP  will never  end. It always amazes me just how big some of these IT suppliers have got over the years, in terms of the number of staff members.

Reports suggest that HP is cutting another 1000 jobs this year and 1000 next year.

This according to Peter Skyte at union Unite is on top of the 4000 already cut since HP took over EDS.

He says remaining workers would be in danger of developing stress-related illnesses.

“There are also serious implications for those who remain in their jobs and carry on service to customers and clients. Skeleton levels of staff will lead to stressed-out workers who struggle to complete an ever increasing workload.”

Who will do the work as business picks up? The remaining workers will be expected to do more. The fact that remaining staff are constantly in fear of losing their jobs probably means they will do whatever they ask.

It is a good point made by Peter Skyte because we rarely see workers left in jobs as victims.

I know of workers that have been TUPE transferred to IT service providers from end user businessess that are suffering stress.

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My partner has just completed 30 yrs working for EDS and now HP. His reward? A couple of days later, an automated email thanking him for his commitment to the company. On multiple anniversaries past, EDS at least afforded the recipient a notable gift and a sum of money to take colleagues out for beer.

With no salary increase since HP took over, his task force pared down to the bone and ever increasing workloads, his stress level is stratospheric.

HP are more than cherry-picking - they're spitting out the stones and grinding them into the dust along with the company. Their CEO's should be seriously ashamed of themselves.

EDS always had a terrible reputation for how it treated its staff. Management are also under pressure, but they get rewarded, the people at the coal face usually get promises, threats etc. It sounds like HP is very similar. These are truly nasty companies and they give I T Service companies a bad reputation. From a customer point of view, having to deal with people with low morale, with a company that is at best uncomfortable to deal with, and having to keep a copy of the contract handy at all times, is a hidden cost of doing business with these companies. I dont understand how a company could outsource its employees to them. Do they not have any concern for the employees future well being? These are awful organizations.