Could Atos Origin face direct peaceful action by a disability action group?

A Facebook group campaigning for better treatment of disabled people, known as Black Triangle, is to have its first ever meeting next week where members will discuss how to take its campaign against Atos Origin and the DWP forward.


I was contacted by a member of the Black Triangle group recently who told me the whole story about why the group exists. It is an interesting one.


The group represents disabled people which it believes are being mistreated by Atos Origin when being assessed for disability employment support allowance. Atos, through its Healthcare arm, uses Logic Integrated Medical Assessment’ (LiMA) software to support medical professionals when assessing claimants.


To make a point the Facebook group, which has over 1300 members, took its name from the practice used by the Nazis of putting a black triangle on people in concentration camps that were too sick to work.


On Tuesday next week (23rd) members of the group will meet in Edinburgh to discuss what it should do next.


Sasha Callaghan, is a member of the group. She is a former President of the University and College Union.


She told me that the group believes that many people have had their benefits cut when they shouldn’t have because of the system that Atos uses when assessing them.


She said the Facebook site was set up after a suicide of a disabled person which the group claims was brought on by having his benefits removed.


The group wants Atos removed and could soon take “peaceful direct action” against the company, she said.


Atos recently had the contract extended three years in a deal worth £300m.


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