Cornwall council leader falls on his sword over outsourcing contract

If you think outsourcing isn’t controversial think again. I have been writing about Cornwall council‘s plan to outsource certain services, including IT, recently. The proposed deal with either BT or CSC is worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

The council leader Alec Robertson wanted to make the decision in cabinet, bypassing a full council vote. This was his downfall has it led to a confidence vote. The vote today went against him 63 to 49, leaving the council’s Conservative party looking for a new leader. His deputy had already resigned from the cabinet over the issue.

Councillors did not feel that something that would change council services as fundamentally as the proposed outsource should bypass full council.

I suppose Robertson was concerned that full council would have voted against it.
This story highlights just how controversial and difficult public sector outsourcing can be.

Read more about the proposed Cornwall council outsourcing deal here.

Do you think local government services should be carried out by private companies?

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