Computer Weekly goes to print for the last time as new era begins

Today is a sad day at Computer Weekly because it is the last ever press day for Computer Weekly in print.

The magazine has been going for 45 years and although it will continue online and in its digital format, the first ever weekly IT magazine in the world will no longer be in print.

As I said as well as the daily website the weekly magazine will still be available digitally so if you still want it here is the link to the subscription.

Mark Lewis, a lawyer specialising in outsourcing at Berwin Leighton Paisner, has kindly provided me with his thoughts on the end of an era.

If you have any thoughts about the end of CW in print please comment.

Here are Mark’s thoughts on the end of Computer Weekly in print.

mark lewis.jpg“So we’re not ever going to hear the plop of the paper edition of CW on our desks. It was usually dropped there by the colleague above us on the internal distribution list. For those of us for whom CW in its paper edition WAS CW, it’s the end of an era. Ok, when our colleague or the ones above him/her hadn’t sat on the issue for three months, it was our connection to the whizz-bang parts of the IT world as they happened.

For IT/outsourcing lawyers like me, the paper edition was a lexicon of new apps, computing architectures and three letter acronyms (TLAs) that made us think about what they meant for IT law and contracts. It gave us a vocabulary that allowed us to pretend to ourselves and others that we understood IT.

The more leisurely coverage of train crash IT projects like NIRS2, the various ones at the London Stock Exchange and NHS Connecting for Health gave us an insight into how things went wrong. Like anything on paper, the old materialised CW gave us the time to think in a more leisurely way about our work. So farewell then paper CW!”

Also see this picture gallery about Computer Weekly in its early days.