Cloud security breach inevitable as businesses underestimate security due diligence

Expanding on my previous blog about a prediction of a major cloud computing security breach this year I have had a couple of people contact me to add their views to the debate.

With more and more IT outsourcing to the cloud this year could see hackers cybercriminals target clouds. When a business uses the cloud it is outsourcing the security to a service provider so it is essential that proper security due diligence is carried out.

In its 2012 Cyber Security Forecast, breach investigation firm Kroll says this is not happening and it believes cloud security will be more common this year.

It said: “As cloud services gain in popularity, related breach incidents will flourish. If we were meteorologists, we’d definitely be calling for overcast with a chance of storms. Companies are smartly embracing the cloud for the associated cost savings and ease of use. Unfortunately, current surveys and reports indicate that companies are underestimating the importance of security due diligence when it comes to vetting these providers. As cloud use rises in 2012, new breach incidents will highlight the challenges these services pose to forensic analysis and incident response and the matter of cloud security will finally get its due attention.”

Meanwhile lawyer Mark Lewis at Berwin Leighton Paisner believes there will be a massive focus on cybersecurity with major information leaks and major cyber-attacks in the UK and elsewhere by sovereign states.

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