Cloud computing will increase open source take-up in big business

The value of this blog is often the comments posted about the individual blog posts. Inside Outsourcing is supposed to be a two way discussion forum.

This blog is about a comment left on a blog post I recently did about open source being increasingly attractive to corporates, according to Deloitte. This was about companies using open source to run pilots.

A regular commenter on Inside Outsourcing, Matt, had this to say about open source.

“I suspect that cloud computing might be encouraging more interest in open source [because] it is often easier to supply and scale up cloud-based services using open-source software, because you don’t have to worry about exceeding the scope of your licensing. You can deploy as many Linux VMs or MySQL/PostgreSQL DB instances as you want, it won’t cost you a penny more in licence fees.”

This makes sense to me. What about you?