Cloud computing versus traditional outsourcing. Better or not?

Last week in a blog post I asked the question: Do you think cloud computing is more beneficial to a business than traditional outsourcing?

This was following an article I wrote about research commissioned by Google. It revealed that 64% said cloud computing is more beneficial than traditional outsourcing.

So far I have had 8 respondents. Half said yes and half said no.

I also asked for people to give a reason for their answer.

The four that said no gave the following reasons:

1 – “Hidden costs and security get you every time”
2 – “It’s a different way to achieve a contracted result. The means by which this result is achieved is of little interest, as long as it’s supported by sufficient safeguards.”
3 – “Data location and ensuring data protection can be a major issue for many businesses.”
4 – “Client loses even more control than with outsourcing.”

I want to write an analysis about this so would appreciate feedback from readers. Please take time to fill in the questionnaire below.


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