Cloud computing tag dumped by IT services firm because it's confusing

It’s official Computacenter has dumped the cloud computing label.

Cloud computing is currently being hyped beyond belief. But what it means is not actually that clear.

A few years ago I was writing about the application service provider (ASP) model. This is when a supplier hosts your applications and you access them via the internet. But not cloud computing?

Real cloud computing is about having the ability to access the most appropriate online service at the click of a tab, according to purists, but this means allowing workers unfettered access to internet services that are not approved at a corporate level. Tool much for many.

As a result private clouds have developed. This is where workers access applications via a link rather than sitting on the desktop. But they are being hosted on a private cloud so it is not that much different to the ASP model.

I had a meeting with Computacenter’s managing director, Simon Walsh, today and amongst other things he said the company has dispensed with the cloud computing tag. It might come as a surprise that a company that relies on selling technology would do such a thing but Walsh says it confuses customers.

The company prefers to refer to everything as virtual.

As Wipro CTO, I Vijay Kumar, told me in an earlier interview cloud computing in its native form is after all known by techies as virtualisation.

What is cloud computing to you?

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That's really a curious thing. I never knew cloud computing can have negative implications as I'm loving the very idea itself. For me, cloud computing is just that -- doing business on the cloud called the World Wide Web. Call it a metaphor, we know and see clouds are there when we look up at a clear, bright sky.. and it's the same thing with cloud computing. We know and see how good it works even if it's intangible.