Cisco has 75% of European networking services sewn up. Survey part 6

I have been blogging about the findings of research from Computer weekly parent company TechTarget.

Part one looked at how IT services budgets will change next year. See it here.

Part two revealed what the drivers for the IT services budget increases and decreases are. See it here. 

Part three revealed the main influences on supplier selection in Europe. See it here.

Part four revealed which technologies European businesses are planning to outsource. See it here.

Part 5 explained why businesses chose particular suppliers.See it here.

Today in part 6, I am looking at the results of the IT networking services market in Europe. It seems either Cisco or a Cisco partner accounted for 75% of the networking, wide area network (WAN) and unified communications  services consumed by respondents.

When asked if they used outside services to aid in networking, wide area networking or unified communications project, 53.9% of respondents said they did.

Out of those that did 50% said they used Cisco and 25% said a Cisco partner.

This is unlikely to change anytime soon with 46.6% 0f respondents saying they choose supplier based on an existing relationship.

But demand could fall this year. The survey showed 55.5% of organisations had used outside services for their networking, wide area network (WAN) and unified communications deployments. However, just 33% said they planned on outsourcing these tasks in the next two years.

Here are the supplier by supplier results.

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From which vendor did you most recently purchase services to help in networking? (select all that apply)    
Cisco   50.00%
A Cisco reseller/integrator   25.00%
HP or EDS   23.90%
Dell or Perot Systems   10.90%
IBM or IBM Global Services   18.50%
CSC   1.10%
Price Waterhouse Coopers   2.20%
Lockheed Martin   1.10%
BAE Systems   2.20%
Deloitte / Braxton   3.30%
A Network / Telecommunications service provider (ex. ATT, Verizon)   15.20%
Other Large national / international firm with many offices worldwide (specify)   4.40%
Other Large regional firm with offices mainly in my country or region of the country (specify)   5.40%
Other local firm or independent consultant (specify)   5.40%
None – we have never used services for our networking, wide area networking, or unified communications.   5.40%