China needs a Y2K to overtake India

I met with  Bleum today. This is a software development firm that is based in China. It is US owned and managed and boasts Walmart as a customer.

I was with its UK director Nigel Grieve today and we had an interesting conversation.

I must admit I do think that China needs a Y2K moment to really get it going and Nigel Grieve agreed. He said without such an event China will have to be satisfied with closing the gap on India organically.

I will write quite a few posts as a result of the meeting, because China has huge potential as a destination for offshore IT services.

Just to wet your appetite for the sort things I will write about, here are a few examples:

China has 350,000 computer science graduates every year

Bleum gets 2000 applications from computer science graduates every month and takes on 50.

To qualify to work for Bleum you have to have an IQ of at least 140.