Capita denies claim that it turned down Acas help over strike - was it a hoax?

According to a union contact, employee relations organisation Acas offered to come into negotiations between Capita and union Unite and its members to prevent a strike today in Capita’s IT services and financial services operations in the UK.

He said Capita turned it down.

But Capita has told me that it did not turn down the help of Acas over the dispute.

I was told that Acas contacted both parties to ask if the organisation could help negotiations. The Unite union said Capita turned down the opportunity to negotiate through Acas. But Capita said this is not the case.

Interestingly Capita did tell me me that there are people that impersonate Acas and contact organisations involved in disputes. So Unite must have been contacted by one of these fake Acas representatives if that is the case.

A (real) Acas spokesperson said: “We are making contact with the parties and we are ready to assist if our services are required.”

According to a source the strike has gone ahead today across numerous sites in Belfast, Bournemouth, Birmingham, Bristol, Craigforth, Glasgow, Manchester and Reading. There were picket lines at the biggest sites.

The strike was over pay. Despite an increase in profit 90% of staff got below inflation pay rises.