Capgemini transforms the Post Office in the cloud

I blogged back in March about Capgemini’s plans in the cloud computing space

Greg Hyttenrauch, head of UK outsourcing business at Capgemini, told me all about the company’s Infostructure Transformation Services (ITS) and its desire to be a service integrator.

Well Capgemini has today announced that the Post Office has taken up the service for the next six years. The Post Office can now re-engineer its IT infrastructure to use cloud services and only pay for what they use.

So just to recap Infostructure Transformation services is a single point of contact at Capgemini for customers that want a cloud computing IT infrastructure. This is required because cloud computing is relevant across Capgemini’s complete businesses but customers want one point of contact for cloud services.

Greg also told me about the company’s desire to be a services integrator that can enable customers to use cloud based services from other approved suppliers and manage it for them.

Both Capgemini’s ITS and Service Integrator roles are important in the Post office deal.

The deal is also a good one because it demonstrates how the cloud can make an IT department more responsive to the needs of the business. The Post Office will only pay for the computing power it uses and will be able to create new web based servce in  the cloud more quickly and at a lower cost.

The Post Office is planning to launch more online services and reduce the cost of its website at the same time through the cloud services. 




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