Capgemini buys CS C (not that one)

Today seems to be the day for French IT services companies buying German IT services companies.

First we had news that Atos Origin is acquiring the IT group of Siemens and now Capgemini is taking over German company CS Consulting.

Are we entering a phase of mergers and acquisitions in the European IT services space?

Rheinhard Clemens, CEO of IT services company T-Systems, told Computer Weekly back in September that mergers and acquisitions were vital if European service providers are to compete with US giants.

Here is a list of top 15 Western European serice providers according to Gartner.

Top 15 IT service providers in terms of Western European revenues

Company        Market share          Revenue in Euro\millions
IBM                7.8%                      10.853
Capgemini      4.7%                       6.573
HP                 4.4%                       6.112
Accenture       4.3%                       6.050
Atos Origin     3.4%                        4.733
T-systems      3.0%                        4.117
BT                  2.8%                       3.971   
Fujitsu            2.5%                       3.858   
Logica            2.4%                       3.449
SIS                2.4%                       3.364
TCS               0.8%                       1.079
Wipro             0.5%                       749
Infosys           0.5%                       737
Cognizant       0.3%                       392
HCL               0.3%                       372