Cabinet Office and Capita about to launch company to sell government IP internationally

The UK government has lots of its own intellectual property. A great deal of this is related to IT projects.

It has lots of training tools that it sells to UK businesses. These include IP around things like project and ITSM best practice and Prince II training for example.

The government’s IT project failures are written about extensively so often the impression people get is that it can’t run IT projects. But there are a lot of good skills and experiences in government. The Cabinet Office sells this IP to UK businesses.

I met Capita this week and a representative told me about an upcoming project that is seeing the business services provider and the Cabinet Office jointly set up a company to help it start selling this IP to some new markets. The fast growing economies of Brazil and India are examples as well as the US.

Capita is to use its commercial expertise to create and run the project.

The company will be announced soon so I should have more on this soon. Read this FT article that was published about this in April.