Businesses offshoring analytics work to India

Data is king and companies are looking for ways to save money and improve the processes related to making use of data.

Suppliers in India providing analytics services grew at almost 40% a year between 2007 and 2011despite the econominc turmoil.

Research firm ValueNotes says analytics as a segment of the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) sector in India has been particularly strong.

More and more businesses are hiring offshopre forms

“The analytics segment has stood up to the global economic slowdown remarkably well, and is currently the most attractive segment in the KPO sector,” says Arjun Bhuwalka, project manager at ValueNotes.

I have not really covered this much in the blog because it is not necessarily IT related. But with big data one of the biggest buzzwords in IT and more businesses needing to make more use of the zettabytes of data they are collecting and are outsourcing the work in many cases.

Five of the biggest KPOs in India with analytics services are: MuSigma, Fractal Analytics, ActiveCubes, Manthan and Vehere.

What are the alternatives to India for analytics KPO.

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