Businesses have cut too deep and are too disorganised to recruit effectively

One of the readers of this blog has told me about the current challenge finding work despite companies requiring staff again

I asked him why a man with his CV, which is very impressive, could struggle to find work at end users and suppliers?

He said: “I would say its amazing that I am struggling but I am getting the same story elsewhere in the Industry. I think that many organisations may have cut too deep during the recession and now they have the capex but can’t get organised.
I have my CV at four investment banks where I am getting the ‘oh the hiring manager is too busy to read the CV’s he has right now’ line.”

Remember the series about the IT job seeker in this blog. He was an IT worker replaced as part of an offshoring contract. Despite his 40 year experience he had troubles finding work. If you didn’t see it here it is.

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