Broken BBC phone system failures add fuel to BBC/Siemens fire

The relationship between the BBC and its IT services partner is not at its best at the moment. Workers at Siemens have recently been balloted for strike, which could lead to disruptions including a 24 hour stoppage.

BBC workers are also having to work using a faulty telephone system. According to a source the phone system doesn’t work at intermittent times and workers have to use mobiles.

The BBC said: “We are aware that there are issues with the phone system and are working with our technology partner Siemens to resolve it.”

I also here from the industry and within the BBC that the relationship between the supplier and customer is somewhat strained.

But the relationship goes back quite a few years and the original deal; involved Siemens buying some of the BBC’s IT infrastructure and taking on 1,400 of its staff.

This deal is difficult to get out of for both parties. This raises questions over signing deals that tie customers and suppliers up, with the hope that commitment leads to a better service.