Barnet council approves multi-million pound back office outsourcing but challenges remain

Barnet’s cabinet has unsurprisingly approved a £320m deal with Capita that will see the service provider take over back office functions. The ten year contract is part of the One Barnet programme to outsource service across the council.

The deal will see council workers transfer to Capita and others made redundant.

But there is still time for challenges and the leader of Barnet Councils Labour contingent, councilor Alison Moore told me this morning that next week there will be a challenge in a scrutiny committee.

But what do you think about councils outsourcing services?

The poll below has had 227 respondents so far. 70.04% said council services should be outsourced and 29.07% said council services should not be outsourced. Two people said they didn’t know.

Should local government outsource services to private companies?

I asked the same question in a Google survey earlier in the year and it received well over 200 responses. The strange thing is the result was the opposite to this poll. Over 80% said they do not think council services should be outsourced.

What I am wondering is how long will it be before the suppliers start moving the roles offshore to cut costs. There must be roles that could be done offshore. But perhaps this is a step too far.