BTGS completes retreat to its core with change at top

The man responsible for transforming BT Global Services from a company making huge losses on IT services contracts to one focused on its core business of networking services has left the company.

Jeff Kelly, who ran EDS‘s massive contract with General Motors in the past, has left BTGS to return to the US. He joined BT in January 2010.

Under his leadership BT Global Services has transformed from a company making huge losses on IT services contracts to one with more focus on what it is traditionally good at, such as the provision of managed networked IT services.

In 2009 BTGS recorded an operating loss of £134m. It lost £1.2bn due to cost overruns on big contracts with the NHS and Reuters and another £100m on other smaller contracts.

BT Group CEO Ian Livingston, said BTGS is in a much better place than it was when Kelly joined. Kelly will continue to advise BT in the US in a part time role.

BT has replaced Kelly as BTGS CEO with Luis Alvarez. Alvarez’s last role, of many at BT, was president of BT Global Services Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

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