BT pleased with union decision to cancel strike ballot and door still open for talks

Following the eleventh hour shock of the strike ballot of CWU members at BT being called off, here is what BT had to say.

“BT is pleased that the CWU has withdrawn its ballot for industrial action. There were procedural issues regarding the ballot that we raised from the start and the union have now accepted this to be the case. Our door remains fully open to the union and so we hope we can sit down and resolve this matter. An amicable agreement is in everyone’s interest and the withdrawal of the ballot provides both sides with a window of opportunity in which to reach such an agreement”.

Like BA before it technicalities have compromised a strike ballot. BA stopped a strike earlier when the union mistakenly sent ballot papers to former employees.

Huge companies like BT and BA can afford to pay highly for the best legal advice so unions might have to be equally lavish.