BT, HP, Capgemini etc meet Francis Maude to have their balls squeezed

These are the suppliers that are meeting the government today to discuss how costs can be brought down. Apparently the top 20 suppliers to government. As there is only 19 there must be one missing.

It is almost exclusively IT suppliers.

   1. Hewlett Packard
   2. British Telecom
   3. Capgemini
   4. Fujitsu
   5. Capita
   6. IBM
   7. Telereal Trillium
   8. Atos Origin
   9. CSC
  10. Logica
  11. Steria
  12. Oracle
  13. Siemens IS
  14. C&W
  15. Microsoft
  16. Accenture
  17. Serco
  18. G4S
  19. Vodafone

This is what the OGC said of today’s meeting.

“Today’s briefing will allow CEOs the opportunity to understand the proposed process and discuss informally with the Minister (Francis Maude) and officials before the negotiation period begins

This negotiation programme will cover majority of Government’s suppliers; conducted either centrally for the top suppliers with a portfolio of contracts across several departments, or via individual departments themselves for smaller suppliers.

The work is looking at outcomes with mutual benefits for both Government and its suppliers. We are also looking at ways to improve the way Government does business, improving commercial activity, streamlining processes and making Government a better client

This represents the first phase of a programme for key suppliers with portfolios across several departments. It is intended that all significant suppliers, not just the invited companies, will be engaged with during the programme.”