Are charities and outsourcing suppliers a match made in heaven?

I was sent some research about how IT departments within charities are focusing more on strategy and as a result are struggling to do their day to day role due to a shortage in resources.

The research from MSM Software of 100 IT managers, at charities, found that 92% believe the It department’s role has changed to become more strategic over the last 12 months.

It also found that cash strapped charities have had to let people in the IT departments go. These have been non-strategic role which has left charities with a gaping hole.

So it seems charities and IT service providers are a match made in heaven.

I wonder if suppliers approach there charity customers in a different way to how they work with the private sector?

I know the big service providers walk on eggshells around public sector customers, although they still seem, in many cases, to make a mess of it. Whenever a story is published about money wasted by the government on IT there is a public backlash. People believe that suppliers are cashing in on government and  wasting tax payers money.

I imagine suppliers have to be on their game when it comes to charities. If they mess up there the publicity would not be good.

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