Are Sri Lankans thinkers and Indians workers?

Following something that someone said to me today I thought I would ask the question: Are Sri Lankans thinkers and Indians workers?

I met a Sri Lankan IT entrepreneur in the form of Tony Weeresignhe today
. He is the man that founded software development company MillenniumIT, which was recently acquired by the London Stock Exchange.

I asked him whether Sri Lanka could become a bigger destination for offshore IT services.He said Sri Lanka will have more to offer now that the war is over.

“Sri Lanka is the third fastest growing offshore services destination in Asia after India and China,” he says.

But, possibly controversially, he told me that Sri Lanka has an advantage over India in that there is more thinking. “In Sri Lanka there are thinkers not workers and in India there are workers not thinkers.” Where does that leave us Brits?
He says this is something to do with the education system. It is a new one to me but I suppose the best scenario would be to have workers and thinkers.

Maybe it is just a regional joke that I don’t understand.