Are Cornwall council's outsourcing supporters using undemocratic tactics?

I have written quite a few blogs and news stories about the controversy surrounding a proposed outsourcing contract at Cornwall council.  The councils CEO and its cabinet wanted to go forward with a plan to outsource libraries, benefits, payroll and IT services  to either BT or CSC.

Speaking to Computer Weekly last month, Cornwall councillor Rob Nolan said he and other councillors were concerned that such a fundamental change was not being decided by full council, but only in cabinet.

The outsourcing controversy led to Cornwall Council axing council leader Alec Robertson after he lost a vote of confidence. Robertson was replaced by his former deputy, who had already resigned over the outsourcing issue.

CSC also pulled out of the bidding leaving BT as the only candidate to run the services.
The plan was put on hold pending further investigation debate.

Now Mark Ballard has revealed growing concerns about some of the tactics the BT proposal’s backers are using to influence the debate. Read his article here.

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