Accenture's UK recruitment strategy in more detail

Having written a post earlier about Accenture’s plans to use social media to recruit 40% of new employees this year, I thought I should guide you to the full article I wrote.

Here it is with more detail about how the recruitment team in the UK is using social media.

Very interesting, particularly when put alongside a prediction made by Andrew Rigby, head of outsourcing at legal firm Brodies. He told me outsourcing of social media could the next big growth area of the BPO industry.

With Infosys selling its social media platform and Accenture using social media to recruit, potential customers might look to service providers to take control their social media business processess.

Social media in the enterprise need not be a stepinto the unknown if service providers build expertise. Accenture, for example, could create a best practice for social media in recruitment.


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