iPhone is totty magnet, says survey (UPDATED)

Update: According to TechCrunch, Phones4U denied issuing the press release containing the research data we gently lampoon here. It turns out the survey report was issued by digital media agency Stickyeyes who Phones4U say sent off the release without the “knowledge, consent or approval” of the company.They also went on to say “the information provided within the said release is factually incorrect”.

According to a new survey from Phones4U digital media agency Stickyeyes, 54% of women polled were more likely to date a bloke who has an iPhone. One respondent suggested that iPhone ownership means their potential mate is “obviously intelligent and well off”. 

That person has clearly not been using public transport lately, where it’s clear that everyone and their dog now has an iPhone. In fact, rumours suggest that the dog version of the iPhone, the iPhone K9, will be launched alongside the iPhone 4G later this year. 
Unfortunately, this leaves men in the confusing position of wondering whether their date wants them for gorgeous selves, or for their phone contract. Our advice: ask any potential date what she thinks of your iPhone. If the answer is “Ooh, it’s so shiny – I can’t wait to see your flat,” run away. Run swiftly and keep running. If she says “That’s nice. Have you seen my HTC Desire? It has built in turn-by-turn GPS from Google” – then you’re onto a winner. 
PR News Wire ( the press release has since been pulled) points out, amusingly, that men who own iPhones have on average £3,750 less disposable income a year than ordinary mortals. Ha ha ha, ha ha and, indeed, ha.