iPeed iPhone for sale - no damage but has been down the toilet

It’s happened to most of us. You’re holding your phone between your head and your shoulder while trying to do something (ie get your keys of your pocket) and suddenly it falls.

This can happen anywhere, including in the toilet. So, what do you do? You don’t really want to put it back next to your mouth so why not sell it?!?

That’s exactly what this poor sod decided to do except he thought honesty was the best policy. Any takers? Even piss takers would be good.

It reads:

Looking to sell a 3 month old iphone 3g. The phone is in perfect working condition. The only problem is i dropped it in a men’s room and it landing in a puddle of urine, but i picked it up immediately and wiped it off really really good. No damage to the phone or screen.

piss iphone.jpgSource: [gizmodo from craigslist]