iPad - more Kindle than Tablet

My first take on the Apple’s iPad is that it is an iPhone gone large (without the phone – oh yes, that’s an iPod Touch then) which is a disappointment. If only it had gone the extra few steps to include digital ink and allow handwriting on the screen, it would have been better. Instead we have an e-reader with mini-apps.

What else is wrong. No multitasking, no camera to allow videconferencing, no SD card slot, no USB. If you want USB or SD it will be possible but these will have to be bought separately, and used separately, through the 30-pin connector – so there’ll be a lot of swapping and chopping back and forth if you want to use the keyboard as well.

If you want 3G connectivity it will cost an extra £100 and forget any idea of sharing your phone SIM with the iPad. It uses micro SIMs and these are rare gems at the moment. Still, in the UK, we do have until June to sort that out. Although the iPad will be here in April, the need to find telcoms with micro SIMs may delay the launch of iPad 3G further.

Is this an iFlop? Certainly the high hopes pre-launch have been dashed somewhat. A quick scan of the forums will not be comforting news for Apple. An iPod Touch for the hard of thinking seems to be the theme out there. Apple boss Steve Jobs claimed that it bridges the gap between iPhone and netbook but is there a gap? He also says it shows Web sites as they are meant to be seen but this is only true if you live in the Java-free, Adobe-free world of Apple. At best it’s overblown hyperbole at worst it may be a lie.

One thing about running iPhone apps that Jobs didn’t address was whether you can use apps you’ve already purchased on your iPhone and iPad. I’ll take that as a no, then. 

Jobs says the iPad is “magical”. I say “tragical”.