Wanna really free iPhone?

Some people can’t use the iPhone, or choose not to use it, because of the O2 lock-in. Businesses are a little more open to variations in service suppliers but if they have a fleet agreement for phones with, say, Vodafone, then using an iPhone is out of the question…

unlock SIM.jpg…or is it?

Web site www.unlockanyiphone.net sells piggyback SIM cards to unlock any iPhone and, as yet, Apple and O2 haven’t been able to neutralise this solution. When passing the phone on or sending it for repair, the SIM can be slipped out and the iPhone is back where it started. All for around £30.

Of course we seriously condemn this solution and do not recommend it. How dare anyone try to break the Apple/O2 stranglehold … no… monopoly. .. no… exclusive marketing agreement.

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I recently bought an android phone because the phone did the job I had in mind. There are much better phones than an iphone out there that don't have so much problems Furthermore, I think people have had enough of that Apple flavored kool-aid.