Video: Time Inc shows they don't get it - New tablet mag is a bit like a website

Every week or so I read an article about what magazines will be like in the near future. It seems to be widely accepted that they have had their day (yeah they have).

I currently subscribe to FourFourTwo but I used to subscribe to Time, Champions League and CVG. Even FourFourTwo is struggling to get my attention at the moment but I like it for now.

I remember when I used to work at Haymarket I saw a presentation of e-magazines. Interactive PDFs with ‘page turnign technology’… WOW just like real paper, that’s incredible (it isn’t, I’m being sarcastic).

It didn’t take off because websites can have ‘pages’ and each page can have whatever you want on them. THAT’S WHY THEY’RE THERE.

So what’s next? Well, Time Inc has shown what they think will happen in the video below (via TechCrunch and Mashable).

What do I think? I think that this takes magazines to the next level. So it was minus one and now it’s minus two. Pointless.

Magazines are dying because we can look at websites on our phones and netbooks. This is an over-complicated middle ground that isn’t needed. I mean, so what you can flick from photo to photo… that’s called a gallery online.

The people that created this are very clever but they just don’t get it. tablet will go to full websites and so long as there is no monetary benefit attached to this idea that I haven’t thought of then I think this will die a death in the next year or two… just in time for my FourFourTwo subscription renewal :o/

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