Video: Sony X series review - Magic for music and Weird for web

It was only a matter of time before Sony came out with an MP3 player to rival the iPod Touch but I am little disappointed with what they’ve come up with.

If this was just about music then this is an exellent gadget, but life is not just about music anymore.


Sound quality is amazing and crisp. The UI is nice and easy to use and the OLED screen is beautiful for flicking through album covers. Honestly, when it came to using this as a basic MP3 player I was drawn to how strong the sound was and the fact that I could hear little details in the songs I never recognised before was particularly ear opening.

The noise cancellation is unbelievably good. If you switch between an iPod Touch and the X Series listening to teh same song, the difference is so apparent that you start to wonder just how bad the Touch is.

Its also possible to adjust manually what sort of busy environment you’re in (bus, train, airplane).


I’m not sure about the graphite sides and back. It looks cool but it’s not something that’s nice to hold. That’ll probably not be an issue after a week so I’m going to let it slide.

It’s a great size, the device is small but the screen doesn’t suffer. It’s very comfortable and in relation to the iPod Touch I think it’s a better size for pockets and stuff.

I love the all black look. It looks cool and understated. They even made the YouTube app with a black frame so nothing ever looks out of place. Along with the graphite, it’s a sexy piece of kit.

The OLED screen is, as I said before, so clear and it’s truly a feast for the eyes. The menu, pictures and video all really benefit from such a good screen.

The screen is extremely responsive to touch and


This is where things start to go down hill, while the YouTube is great… that’s about it. The YouTube app is built in and solid but, let’s be honest, you want more than just YouTube and it’s just, well empty.

Web browser

In one word: Awful. It doesn’t do what you want it to do. All I wanted to do was to get onto my blog but it was so incredibly difficult.

I even asked the PR guy who had been ‘using it for weeks’ to show me th browser and the fact it took him a while just to get on to Google made me realise that it was rubbish.

How can Sony get this wrong? It’s not like I’m asking for somethign complicated. It should be a standard feature on all gadgets. The screenpad is also too difficult.


All round really good but I can’t help but feel Sony were ‘close but no cigar’. if you just want music then this is your best bet but as a package it’s still a bit behind.