Video: Sony Dash internet tablet / alarm clock

Sony have released the Dash, a new ‘tablet’. Well sort of, I see it as a modern alarm clock, people are calling it a tablet and Sony are call it a ‘personal internet viewer’.

The Sony dash has a 7-inch touchscreen, works on the Chumby OS (with over a thousand apps) and integrated stereo speakers. It’s online so it can do video/radio streaming as well as, well other internet stuff.

It has WiFi, a USB port, accelerometer, alarm clock, Facebook, Youtube plus a whole host of other features. It works on an AC outlet ONLY, you can’t make it mobile with batteries which is a bit strange and restricting.

I really like the Dash but at $199 I’m not sure why I’d get it. I’d prefer to get a netbook or tablet for a little more. If it was cheaper then it’d replace my alarm clock but otherwise it’s just a cool think to put on your desk.

The Sony Dash will go on sale in April, priced at $199.