Video: Play Street Fighter on Youtube

Ok, so I’m a bit late with this one but to say that this is super-cool is a big understatement.

French Canadian Patrick Boivin has uses the ‘annotations’ feature on YouTube (it basically lets you put interactive notes on the video) to play Street Fighter!

This guy must have A LOT of time on his hands as he used stop motion and action figures to put these videos together. I can’t even be bothered to doodle anymore (the shame).

When you click on a button or an option it will take you to another clip to show you the outcome of your choice. The Metro describes it as ‘like one of those ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ games, except that instead of turning to page 89 if you want to pick up the mysterious orb, you’re loading video clips of your character punching somebody’.

Which I think is a good description of it. Have a go (if you think your hard enough).

Source: [Metro]

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