Video: Plastic Logic QUE proReader - for business

The Plastic Logic QUE proReader comes with 8.5 x 11 inch touchscreen. It can also let the user drag and drop Microsoft Office documents and other business files the PC to the e-reader.

This should be released in the US for around $799 and includes 3G connectivity, 8GB of storage, Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth.

It’s aimed at the businessperson of course due to the drag-and-drop feature of Office docs but also with apps linked to Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

Plastic Logic say:

Transfer your documents to your QUE
Don’t print it, QUE it. Save paper, ink, and money by putting your documents on your QUE instead of printing them.

Designed for more than good looks, QUE provides instant access to the content busy professionals need at their fingertips all day long – all their content anywhere any time. QUE supports reading and annotating document formats business users need (including PDF, Microsoft Office¹ documents including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, as well as ePub documents and more). With the QUE software, it’s easy to quickly transfer content from your PC, Mac® computer, or Blackberry® to your QUE. The standard 4GB QUE model can hold up to 35,000 documents or the equivalent of up to 35 filing cabinets worth of documents. If your paper-laden briefcase and file cabinets are bulging at the seams, the 8GB model holds up to 75,000 documents or the equivalent of the contents of up to 75 filing cabinets

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