Video: Microsoft unveil Xmas offerings

Today I got invited to the ‘Microsoft Christmas Showcase’ in Central London.

Microsoft were showing off some of their new products due for release in December like teh Zune marketplace, Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows 7 touch.

So what impressed me? Well, I liked the Xbox stuff like being able to rent films from Netflix, downloading movies and music from Zune, Facebook (below) and Twitter functionality as well as their new Xbox LIVE Party to watch matches and movies with your mates.

The Xbox LIVE Party I thought was a bit naff in that I like to invite my mates over to my place as oppose to having my avatar hang out with other avatars.

The 360 is basically a living room PC that has been customized to be easy to use. I love this idea and thought that Microsoft have come a long way from the initial Xbox 360 console launched all those years ago.

Project Natal will obviously take the console another step forward but the new functionality makes the 360 an all round monster of a machine.