Video: Guitar Hero World Champion tearing it up!!

I was at a gadget show the other night and saw a huge crowd silently watching something… in fact someone.

I could hear music and thought it was a band on the centre stage but as I got nearer and the music louder I realised that instead of seeing a group of men wearing skinny jeans with long flowing locks it was actually a little skiny kid with a long drawn look on his face.


The crowd were nevertheless drawn to him, mainly due to his insanely quick fingers flitting seemlessly all over his plastic guitar.

My boss turned to me and said “Can’t believe everyone’s watching a kid play a game”. I agreed but I really could.

To watch him concentrate and react so quickly was amazing, as the video shows, and while it takes talent to write and play a song on your guitar it takes skill to be able to play Guitar Hero at such a high level.

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