Video: Apple unveil new iPhone 3GS - Full features and prices!

After months of rumours Apple have finally unveiled the Apple iPhone 3GS. Amongst other things it has a video camera 7.2 Mbps HSDPA and a 3mp camera.

The iPhone 3GS will ship for $199 (16GB version) and $299 (32GB version). Available on June 19th.

The iPhone 3G’s price wil drop to $99 from today!

Full features of the iPhone 3GS:

  • Voice control dial up
  • Video recording (Low light and macro modes)
  • Autofocus, Autoexposure and Tap to focus
  • Voice over function reads out what you touch on the screen
  • Support for Nike+
  • Built in digital compass
  • Compass app built into maps
  • Better battery life
  • Hardware encryption
  • iTunes encryption

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