Video: A look at Microsoft Surface, is it really that good?

Last week, James (Online Editor for CW) and I went to see what Microsoft Surface had to offer. I was impressed with th eapplications already customized for the table but I couldn’t help think about if the PR talk might have some substance to it.

Are you that impressed when you go to Argos and they have touch-screen kiosks you can buy your reservations from? Not really.

Do you marvel at how forward-thinking the Underground is by having touch-screen ticket machines? No.

But Surface, I find, is so much more than that. Yes it’s fun zooming in and out with your fingers but its value is in the realms of possibility. My favourite example is if you could walk into a restaurant, sit down and order exactly what you had three months ago without confusing a waiter then that is something special.

And following the demontsrations I think Microsoft Surface promises to do just that and much, much more. For example in the video above you can see a pizza being created and even a virtual poker table. Not bad at all.

Microsoft Surface will be available for £8,500 which, in today’s climate, may look a little steep but, as with all these things, the price will come down with the hype and I’d like to think it’ll become an accepted part of our retail therapy and nights out.

I have three other videos to put up showing MS Surface so check back here soon!

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