Tron Legacy - Official Trailer!

I’m every bit a psyched about Iron Man 2 as Faisal is. The first movie was one of the best superhero adaptations of the century. And there are quite a few.
But that shaky footage has nothing on this: the first official full-length trailer for Tron Legacy; the sequel to Disney’s groundbreaking 1982 epic Tron – and the first movie to cash in on the then nascent gaming scene.  Can it live up to the reputation of the cult original? After seeing this trailer, signs point to yes.
The first Tron’s plot can be easily summarised. A genius computer game developer stumbles across corporate shenanigans. Caught in the act, he is digitised and trapped in a game world of his own creation. Think “The Matrix” without the tiresome slow-mo or (hopefully) crappy sequels.
I’ll be honest here. I recently revisited Tron for another blog and found that my memory of the movie was better than the movie itself. Not the special effects, curiously. Primitive though they are, there’s a charm to them that’s still evocative of early game and computer culture.  The vector graphics of the early 80s – seen in titles like Asteroids and Tank Command – are lovingly recalled.
Hopefully, Tron Legacy will trade on the warm feelings and fond memories the original Tron evokes rather than stick to the exact blueprint. The trailer certainly suggests there’s a hefty dose of the things that made the original great; light cycle chases, the sparse foreboding game world and, of course, Jeff Bridges. The Dude himself.  Alongside that, there appears to be an acknowledgement that we’ve all moved on.  Flynn’s arcade is closed up and derelict in this trailer – fitting given that gaming has moved from such sleazy locales to the comfort of the living room, to powerful consoles and PCs. And, as befits any 21st Century reboot, it’s looking a lot darker.
Take a look. Prepare to be hooked, and see it in 3D when it comes out: