Touch and go from Orange

HTC Touch 3G.jpgOrange is now selling the HTC Touch 3G phone to business customers on its Web site.

The Touch features UMA technology to allow calls over a Wi-Fi connection to help cut costs when making calls, receiving emails and browsing the Web. It may only have half the resolution of the iPhone but tere again it’s being offered free with an Orange business tariff.

The quad band HTC Touch has a 2.8in screen with 320×240 pixels display and uses Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional with HTC’s TouchFLO user interface. Talk time on 3G is six hours and on standby the battery should last for 19 days between charges.

The camera includes a 3.5MP camera, MP3 player and HSDPA internet access. We’re checking with Orange but we presume it will upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5 next month.

The only colour option is  a sober and business-like Henry Ford black.

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I resisted getting an Ipod for years, because I hated the Apple hype and the smug, condescending attitudes of some the Apple fanatics. I broke down and got the 8 gig touch when my Zune 80 broke for the second time and I saw the 8 gig touch at a great price. Now that I've got it, I can now see what the noise was all about. This thing is absolutely amazing and puts every other player I've had to shame (Creative Zen W, Zune 30, Zune 80, Sansa). I just hate that I chickened out (because I thought it can't be that great) and only got the 8 gig (with only about 7 GB usable), which is not nearly enough memory. Don't even bother with the 8 gig, unless it's for a kid and maybe not even then. So far, my only complaint with my touch is that Apple charges for firmware upgrades (Boo, hiss). Now that made me mad, since my Ipod touch is nearly new.