This Green and Mobile Land

I’ve been looking into some green options for charging my mobile.  Not just because I’m keen on the ice caps not melting and flooding Norfolk either.  When you’re on the move in business, as I am half of the week, it seems like a good idea to have something in your laptop bag you can charge your lifeline phone with.

I have an HTC Touch Diamond, that I habitually charge using a USB cable plugged into whatever laptop I’m toting around (sometimes it’s a Fujitsu Siemens PC, sometimes it’s a MacBook Pro. I also use an old 12″ Apple Powerbook like a netbook – because I’m that retro).
But what if there are no powerpoints on the train? Or what if you don’t have a laptop with you? Or what if the sky starts falling in, Chicken Little?  In my online travels this week I discovered a couple of options I might be using in the future.  First up is the nPower Personal Energy Generator. Alas, we don’t think it has anything to do with nPower in the UK – this company’s based in Cleveland, Ohio and will run into trouble if they ever start marketing their green products here… A pity, because the PEG looks brilliant: a small gadget that charges your mobile using kinetic energy. Yes, kinetic energy.  You plug it into your phone and it juices it up as you walk, or run or jump up and down.  A one hour walk should charge most mobiles to 80%. Priced at $148, it’s available for pre-order at – though no info as yet about whether they ship to the UK.
A cheaper option is a cute little doohickey called the YoGen mobile charger – available in generic miniUSB flavours and for microUSB. At $39.99 – it’s available now and charges your phone using an innovative string pull system. It’s a bit like the cord you had to tug to get your talking Action Man to say “This is your commander speaking”. Or, if you were me, your mate’s talking Action Man…  A couple of minutes string pulling gets you enough power to make an emergency call. Keep going for an hour and you’ll have a fully charged phone…

Of course – if you want to buy British, Trevor Baylis is the man for green power products. The inventor of the wind-up radio also manufactures an Eco-Pro Torch and Mobile Phone Charger. It’s a torch! It’s a mobile phone charger! It takes ages to wind! And it’s about £23.99 from online stores.