The insanity of Apple's FaceTime - what a load of...

1826273.jpgBack in 2003 I went to the Three store in Oxford Street and signed up to my first mobile phone contract.

I paid £25 a month, received 500 anytime minutes and a free NEC e606 (pictured).

What attracted me to the e606 was the fact that you could video call on 3G, which was amazing at the time.

A year later, I upgraded to an LG that had a rotating camera and pretty much every year ever since I’ve had a phone capable of video calling.

So for seven years, I have had the capability to video call.

How many times in those seven years have I used it? Once. I tried it with my brother, we agreed it’s rubbish and never tried again.

So why do Apple feel they can advertise something like it’s new? Their product isn’t even superior due to the fact that you can’t use FaceTime on 3G.

Answers on a comment below please.

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Apple fanboys dont care about that. They love to give their money to Steve Jobs.
Apple has the market share and marketing clout, to make it the next big thing in mobile. Nobody cared about SMS when it first started, this is a step away from hiding behind texts and getting a face full of your caller instead