The evolution of the Galaxy Note?

Honestly, I know the last two posts I’ve done have been about patents and this will be a third in a row, but I’m not obsessed. They’re just very newsworthy. 

Defensive statement out of the way, on with the news. 
I came across this patent from Samsung while browsing the web yesterday. 
It is a concept sketch that was included in a patent filed over a year ago, in March 2011. The application was made for an “ornamental design for a mobile phone”. Intriguing I hear you say. 
As well as echoing the Sony P tablet design, with its dual screens, it also bears a striking resemblance to the Galaxy Note. Although, is the Note an ornamental mobile phone? I’ve always just though of it as either a miniature tablet or a gigantic phone. Never a tabphone though, no one should ever use that word. Ever. 
Like the Note, this concept design comes with (what looks like) a stylus. All of this makes me scratch my head, stare at the ceiling, ponder and then deliberate as to whether this could be a route that the next or third generation incarnation of the Note could go down. 
The clamshelled Sony P tablet hasn’t really been much of a hit with consumers or businessmen, whereas I have seen the odd Note coming out of a businessman’s bag or pocket on the tube. As a side note, I’m sure most suits would have to have their pockets altered by their tailor to allow the gigantic Galaxy hybrid to fit. Am I right? 
However, with Ice Cream Sandwich and TouchWiz at their disposal, Samsung have carved out a much sturdier fanbase in the Android marketplace than Sony so consumers and businesses alike could be more inclined to warm to a dual-screened Samsung phone/tablet offering. 

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Funnily enough, the Galaxy Note is nowhere near as big as you think it is. It's all in the mind, honest. A perception confirmed by quite a few Galaxy Note owners, incidentally. Oh, and another plus point: no more smartphone envy! Ever! I recently updated from an iPhone 3GS because I was tired of using a powerful smartphone that I had to squint at. I've looked at the 4S, and while it's undoubtedly nice, the screen's still tiny. Hey, I'm not carrying round something that's effectively a powerful computer unless I can use it properly! So the long and the short of it is, I played with a Galaxy Note at Heathrow, fell in love, found that most of my fave apps also exist in AndroidLand, and now have one tucked into my belt pouch (no, I've never carried my smartphone in my pocket). But actually, the Note fits into the same belt pouch as the iPhone did (a multipocket camera pouch, if you must know - but it's quite small! I'm not a geek!! Honest!!!). And I've just gone and experimented with the jacket pocket of my favourite posh suit (I'm a copywriter, so I don't wear suits very often), and guess what? No tailoring required. And the term you're searching for is not "tabphone", but "phablet"... ;-)