The Gadget Show Live HANDS ON: Soladapt

Soladapt is a company that produces a touchscreen overlay for computer monitors. The start-up company uses a framed screen to provide touch functionality to Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 computers, as well as Android tablets and Apple products. The overlay fits on top of existing monitors and can be fixed permanently by being strapped on by Velcro.


This solution connects to the computer via USB and is a cost effective way of providing a touch experience in the office, and also means that if you have or intend to upgrade to Windows 8 – which is all about the ‘touch experience’ – it no longer means that you have to buy new hardware also.

Starting from a couple of hundred pounds, this really does prevent waste from the disposal of unwanted monitors.

I had a play around with the Soladapt overlays at The Gadget Show Live and found the 22-inch two-point touch overlay really effective and reactive to my fingers, however typing can slightly more tricky than usual, as you can see in the video below:

The company can also offer the products bespoke, so that they can be custom built to different sizes. However, at the show, Soladapt was also demoing the screens on a 44-inch TV monitor which I found much less sensitive – even though it was a 10-point touch screen. I also found with the large screen it was easy to miss letters when typing as the screen warps the depth of field. Until this technology gets perfected, I’d stick to using the touch overlays on a smaller scale, which worked much more efficiently.

Soladapt are currently in talks with ICT boards in the education sector, which especially might find it difficult to spend a lot of money to convert to touch, but may find the touch experience very interactive for students. 

Prices start at £114.99 for a 17-inch display.

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